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Ronnie Ford Horsemanship is in residence at Samsula Stables. Message us for referral to full time training with Ronnie in his barn. Ronnie also works with horse owners who trailer in, and because his clients come from all over the United States, the option of motelling for a weekend or multi-day or extended training blast is easy in his 20-stall Barn. We are in close proximity to hotels in the Port Orange, South Daytona Beach Area, as well as scenic and charming New Smyrna Beach. Why not time your visit to one of New Smyrna’s charming Wine Walks or Outdoor Art Shows? Ronnie will be hosting clinics throughout the year, so please check back frequently as we announce them, because space is limited. Some coming from distances too far to trailer in, may use one of our horses in training based on availability.


Horsemanship and Riding …exactly in that order. Ronnie is currently accepting a limited number of local students for training. Natural Horsemanship…Horse whispering --- these are terms Ronnie has come to dread, as they have become over commercialized and have unnecessarily complicated something he proves every day, with every new horse, is really very simple and beautiful. Riding with Ronnie IS Training with Ronnie, which in his words begins with one premise, and one intention.


The premise   … that a horse is a creation of God, one who tends to act off of understandable instincts, despite their individual personalities. Inasmuch, while some of us may be more naturally adept at it than others, Ronnie wants his students to understand that what he does can be learned by anyone, if one is willing to put the time in, to understand the nature of the horse and how he receives his communication from you.


The intention  … Ronnie asks his students to accept  that rather than ride to a goal…cantering, jump height, a barrel time…ride to a single priority:  That when this horse---this flight animal---finds no safer place in the world than by his owner’s shoulder, the door is open for real teamwork in the saddle.  In Ronnie’s approach, achieving this priority opens the door for a safe and productive experience for BOTH horse and rider, where goals become a natural outcropping of achieving the priority. Rather than associate non-violent horsemanship with some kind of fantastical,  magical horse talent, out of reach of the average horse owner, Ronnie will show you it is within your grasp, if you accept the premise and intention…and take the time to lay the foundation. He puts an enormous emphasis on SPECIFICITY...when you ask something of your horse, include the steps to get there, not just the end result and ask in a language he understands. Still lunging for "respect" but your horse is acting up at shows, refusing jumps? Have you ever considered lunging for communication? Any discipline can benefit from his training--- enthusiasts and competitors alike cannot afford to be without it.

IIntrigued – but not a horse owner? Ronnie always has horses in training. Feel free to book a session whether you own your own horse or not. This is a unique and special experience that offers horse enthusiasts, newbies or old salts alike – an unforgettable experience. Anyone can slap, kick, yank or frighten a horse into a level of complacency…but those willing to ask themselves how much of that behavior has to do with them, and not the horse…may find this experience transformational.


Next Generation… Ronnie  is committed to passing on this respect for the animal to them. We are forming a Tween/Teen Riding Club, and there are still 4 spots available. Tuition is $200/month, and involves 3 one hour lessons with Ronnie, and on the 4th week, 1 hour of horse education. How and what they eat, how to properly handle them in and out of the stall, how to properly muck a stall (really!) and learning by what comes up…like how to worm, soak an abscess, or treat cuts and abrasions. The club will ACCEPT THE PREMISE, work toward the PRIORITY, and achieve the eventual GOAL of doing a team obstacle challenge. With Ronnie, a veteran of Extreme Mustang Makeover…who knows what other goals may spring up?

There’s an old saying---there are a lot of Trainers out there, but very few Horsemen…   Contact us today, or call or PM us on Facebook or to take part in some of these special opportunities.

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